Evald Okas Museum
01.–22. 06.2014

Exhibition is about spatial thinking and interpreting space as it presents spatial objects communicating with the art audience as well as light and sound installations. Dimensional art enables multilayered perception of objects and won't center solely on visual experience. Spatial thinking has been united with material use and strong message in current works. Minimalistic treatment of form often emphasizes the rich substance of an artwork. Present exhibition introduces intellectually charged objects that create favourable ground in order to start the dialogue with art audience. While relating themselves to each piece, visitors of the exhibition can test the boundaries of their personal inner and outer space.

Twenty participating artists display works that are distinguished in their intensity and humorous charge. The artists share similar views on the intersection of art and absurd; they have the skills to make a dignified use of it as a subtext in their work.

Exhibition consists of site-specific works that have been specially created for the event as well as the existing artwork chosen by the curator. Objects and installations are exhibited on both floors of the museum.

Participating artists: Jass Kaselaan, Kaarel Kurismaa, Marianne Jõgi, Mare Mikoff, Anu Põder, Aime Kuulbusch, Marje Mee, Hans Kristian Mänd, Silja Saarepuu, Villu Plink, Eili Soon, Kristiina Uslar, Eve Koha, Jarõna Ilo, Lauri Kilusk, Iir Hermeliin, Tõnis Arjus, Ott Kadarik, Ralf Lõoke, Nao Oshima (Japan), Timo Ripatti (Finland), Sarah Lebot-Toledo (France), Catherine Sintés (France).

Curator/designer: Mara Ljutjuk

Exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment.

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